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Hospice volunteers provide companionship to people living with a serious illness and help their family caregivers in a variety of ways. Hospices also rely on volunteers to help with office work, fund raising, community outreach and other operational areas.

Uni Care Hospice Needs Volunteers
Volunteers provide important services to hospice organizations and the people they serve. Whether it’s providing companionship to a person in the final months and weeks of life, offering support to family members and caregivers, or helping with community outreach and fundraising, the contributions of volunteers are essential to the important work provided by our nation’s hospice programs. Uni Care Hospice relies on volunteer support to provide excellent end-of-life care to each patient and family. By being a hospice volunteer, you can gain great personal satisfaction from knowing that you have made an impact in another person’s life.

Five reasons why you should consider volunteering for Uni Care Hospice

1. Volunteering is good for you.  Not only has volunteering been proven to reduce stress by focusing on another person or cause, but it also improves your health by improving your mood and strengthening your immune system.

2. Volunteers save resources for Uni Care Hospice. As a non-profit hospice, Uni Care Hospice devotes all of its resources to providing superior care to the terminally ill and their families, even when they cannot pay for services.  Volunteers are not reimbursed for their time, but play a crucial role in the care of our patients. 

3. Volunteers gain professional experience.  Volunteers can gain experience in different roles at Uni Care Hospice, gaining insight into a profession, or experience for a resume.

4. Volunteers gain personal and life experience. Caring for the dying is a very important and sensitive area to volunteer your time in.  Our volunteers say time and time again that they have experienced personal growth and learned much about life from the patients they serve.5. Volunteers help our patients live as fully as possible. Imagine that you have the ability to help someone who is terminally ill live their final days of life to the fullest. 

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